• Together INLINE
    “Together” is the first studio album by InLine. A blend of fusion and jazz rock for the new century, recorded live in the studio to underline the incredible musical feeling...
  • Matter Of Faith SOUL SELLER
    Matter Of Faith
    Order your copy now from Tanzan Music Store! Together with the CD you will receive a limited edition poster (29,7x42 cm)!Five years from the release of  “Back to Life”, Soul...
  • We Still Rock I.F.O.R.
    We Still Rock
    It's not that unusual, into the past and present music scene, that artists and musicians reunite themselves together for celebrating something special, and this exactly what unexpectedly happened over the...
  • Christmas Hallelujah DARK HORIZON
    Christmas Hallelujah
    Dark Horizon & Friends are proud to present the single "Christmas Hallelujah ". Waiting for the new album "Blows", due to be released in 2015, the hard rock/symphonic metal band...
  • High And Dry NIC POLIMENO
    High And Dry
    An unreleased version of "High And Dry" by Nic Polimeno, recorded live at Tanzan Music Studio.Watch the official video of "High And Dry"...
    BELIEVE is the debut album by Giulio Garghentini, ten tracks of authentic music blending all the influences and styles of this eclectic singer and front man in one single album....
  • Super Soup Volume One VARIOUS ARTISTS
    Super Soup Volume One
    Super Soup Volume One, a secret receipt to satisfy your hunger for good music! Let's eat some bread and blues, deep fried funk, fish and rock, hard rock noodles... no matter...
  • Yes We Can AN APPLE A DAY
    Yes We Can
    An Apple A Day is the latest project from the creative minds behind “Fred Leslie’s missing Link”, “The Link Quartet” and “Leslie Overdrive”.Over a year in the making, the album...
  • Promised Land SMOKEY FINGERS
    Promised Land
    Order your copy now from Tanzan Music Store! Together with the CD you will receive a limited edition poster (29,7x42 cm)!“Promised land” is the much anticipated follow up to  “Columbus...
  • From Nowhere To Nashville MARCO TANSINI
    From Nowhere To Nashville
    Marco Tansini is an established Composer and Producer of great success and has made  over 50 albums for artists off all genre. “From Nowhere To Nashville” is his third instrumental solo...
    Dark Riders
    “Dark Riders”, Stockdale’s fourth album, marks an artistic and musical evolution of the singer/songwriter from Santa Barbara.The folk/blues sound found on Stockdale’s previous releases is elaborated, merging with pop and...
    Hello World
    Paoloist | one who proscribes to the distinct audio styling of Paolo Apollo Negri: an intoxicating style of “pop fusion” putting the jazz/rock dynamic into accessible form, simultaneously challenging and...
  • One Ticket To Paradise HUNGRYHEART
    One Ticket To Paradise
    HUNGRYHEART are around and rocking the stages in their home country since the late 1990s , it took them until 2008 to release their self-titled debut album, that was long...
  • Blues Garage MARCO TANSINI
    Blues Garage
    "Blues garage" is the second solo album by Marco Tansini, following the first release "American places". This new album is a journey into the Blues and all of its shades...
  • Dirty Italian Job HUNGRYHEART
    Dirty Italian Job
    After two albums ("Hungryheart" and "One Ticket To Paradise") which have made Hungryheart a very popular and respected band within the  AOR / Melodic Rock world, the band is set...
  • We Still Rock (The Compilation) VARIOUS ARTISTS
    We Still Rock (The Compilation)
    Less than one year from the release in digital format via Tanzan Music of the I.F.O.R. project with the single "We Still Rock" (TM15C003), the italian melodic rock and AOR...
  • Tanzan Summer Rock 2012 VARIOUS ARTISTS
    Tanzan Summer Rock 2012
    “Tanzan Summer Rock 2012” is a compilation for the summer by Tanzan Music. We selected some of our best artists to give the listener a smooth and fascinating audio experience. A...
  • Dark Live Shades DARK HORIZON
    Dark Live Shades
    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dark Horizon here we have a live album capturing the band at its top performing the tracks of their second album "Dark Light Shades"....
  • Columbus Way SMOKEY FINGERS
    Columbus Way
    “Columbus way” is the debut album for Smokey Fingers, a new reality coming from Lodi (Italy).The combo main inspiration is taken from the American southern rock music, merged with blues...
    Live It Up
    "Live It Up" is the new single by Giulio Garghentini, an anticipation from the new full lenght album due to be released by Tanzan Music in 2017. Following the succes...
    Rusty Miles
    "Rusty Miles" takes you on a musical journey within American music and culture it’s 12 tracks firmly covering Rock, Blues, Country and lot more.The main theme of the album is...
  • Super Soup Volume Two VARIOUS ARTISTS
    Super Soup Volume Two
    Still hungry? Starving for more good music? Then we can serve you another speciality of ours... Super Soup Volume Two! A super fat plate you'll be longing to taste, highly...
  • Tanzan Blue Volume 1 VARIOUS ARTISTS
    Tanzan Blue Volume 1
    “Tanzan Blue” is the first compilation by Tanzan Music.We selected some of our best artists to give the listener a smooth and fascinating audio experience. Blues, ballads, folk and much...
  • HungryHeart HUNGRYHEART
    The self titled debut album of Hungryheart is a must for American Hard Rock Lovers.Influenced by 80’s and 90’s bands such as Giant, Danger Danger, Bad English, Whitesnake and Bon...
    New Day
    “New Day” is the first solo album of Mario Percudani.After the work with Hungryheart and the blues band project Blueville, Mario Percudani shows his intimate world with these ten songs,...
  • The Gioconda Smile NIC POLIMENO
    The Gioconda Smile
    "The Gioconda Smile" is the debut album of the young and talented guitar player and singer Nic Polimeno. The album collects ten tracks and shows Nic's musical style both in...
  • The Road Is My Home SMOKEY FINGERS
    The Road Is My Home
    "The Road Is My Home" is the new single by Smokey Fingers, an anticipation from the new album "Promised Land" due to be released by Tanzan Music on September 2016....
    GREAT LEFTY: Live Forever
    Tony Iommi supporters are to release a CD complation tribute in honour of Black Sabbath's true heart and soul, legendary Riffmaster Iommi. When Tony Iommi was diagnozed with Lymphoma cancer in...
  • Mechanical Sunshine HOUSTON!
    Mechanical Sunshine
    Coming back after the debut album for the USA based Sliptrick Records “Fast in elegance”, Tanzan Music is proud to introduce “Mechanical sunshine”, the second full length release by HOUSTON!,...
  • Butterfly Blues BLUEVILLE
    Butterfly Blues
    “Butterfly blues” is the result of the union of different styles and approaches inside the blues. Songs and melodies, black roots and symbolic lyrics, rock Intentions and improvisations.This special alchemy...
  • Dark Light Shades - Deluxe Edition DARK HORIZON
    Dark Light Shades - Deluxe Edition
    “Dark Light Shades”, has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Elfo-studio in Tavernago (Piacenza) by Daniele Mandelli and contains ten melodic heavy metal tracks, with power/symphonic elengant touch and prog...
  • Black World HOMERUN
    Black World
    After the great success of their debut album “Don’t stop”, the Italian band Homerun returns with a new full length called “Black world”. It’s a dark, mellow and modern hard...
  • Mother's Salt MOTHER'S SALT
    Mother's Salt
    Mother's Salt debut album, more info soon!
  • Angel Secret Masquerade DARK HORIZON
    Angel Secret Masquerade
    CD Version by Underground SimphonyDigital Version by Tanzan Music“Angel Secret Masquerade”, the third album of Dark Horizon, is the result of 3 years of work, including songwriting and recording. The...

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The service of Tanzan Music would not be complete without the presence of a recording studio, which gave itself the clear objective to follow the entire path of the artist's music recording and distribution.

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Tanzan Music is a record label born over a 20 years experience in music publishing. The label's mission is to give an all around service which is able to cover every musical need: distribution, record label, composition, arrangement, recording studio. Transcending the borders of traditional musical genres the adventure of Tanzan is focused on the seek... Read more »

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Tanzan was founded in 1987 as a publishing company and grew during the years working with the main italian record companies. Today's catalogue, built over the years, is quite impressive for dimensions and standard quality. Tanzan is publisher of songs written by some of the main italian and international songwriters... Read more »

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