Who we are

Tanzan Music is a record label born over a 20 years experience in music publishing. The label's mission is to give an all around service which is able to cover every musical need: distribution, record label, composition, arrangement, recording studio.

Transcending the borders of traditional musical genres the adventure of Tanzan is focused on the seek for quality. Merging pop, rock, blues and artist's creation the label tries to unveil innovative and fresh music realities for different kind of listeners.

The high quality level of each single release is the trademark of Tanzan Music, a result made possible by a state of the art recording studio, by the collaboration with some of the most important european management agency, by a professional and widespread distribution and by the collaboration with the best international musicians.

Tanzan Music is trying to create a small and selected team of artists to be followed and supported on every music field. Producers, musicians, sound engeneers, composers and many others keep on collaborating to the grown of Tanzan Music, making it a unique and innovative reality. All these aspects grant to Tanzan Music the access to excellent distribution like Sony Music and Believe Digital. The european promotion is entrusted to Brooke-Lynn Promotion..

Our milestones

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PAOLO APOLLO NEGRI | A Bigger Tomorrow (Deluxe Edition) PAOLO APOLLO NEGRI | Cobol (Deluxe Edition) SIX IMPOSSIBLE THINGS | We Are All Mad Here MOTHER'S SALT | Mother's Salt

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