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Tanzan was founded in 1987 as a publishing company and grew during the years working with the main italian record companies. Today's catalogue, built over the years, is quite impressive for dimensions and standard quality.

Tanzan is publisher of songs written by some of the main italian and international songwriters, songs you have already heard on the hit parades, on radio and on television.

During more than twenty years Tanzan has got the privilege to collaborate with artists, authors, writers and producers as Marco Tansini, Nicoḷ Fragile, Giancarlo Bigazzi, Umberto Tozzi, Pasquale Panella, Red Canzian, Roby Facchinetti, Stefano D'Orazio, Alessandro Del Vecchio and much more.

Alongside with these names Tanzan has kept on investing and betting on new talents, enriching its catalogue and being always ready tp catch the new tendencies of the market. Following its own philosophy Tanzan has grown till today, becoming one of the most important and massive resources for any musical need.


  • Artists and labels - in our catalogue you'll be able to find a lot of songs, some of them still unpublished, from different genres and songwriters
  • Advertising agencies - are you looking for a soundtrack for your commercial? Please contact us, we have solutions for any need!
  • Film makers - we have audio material (songs, instrumental music, etc) and knowledge ideal for the soundtrack of your movie or documentary
  • Radios and TV - for any need - theme songs, breaks, soundtracks, background music, etc - our catalogue is full of solutions!
  • Multimedia - thanks to our new and modern studio we are able to convert any type of audio or video material in the format you need: web, CD, DVD, web radio, TV streaming, etc.
  • Companies - if you're looking for a new promotional video, gifts or promotional CDs or DVDs, please contact us!

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