Six Impossible Things established themselves in 2017 when they released their first single ‘Memory’. The two-piece lineup of Nicole Fodritto (vocals, keys) and Lorenzo Di Girolamo (vocals, guitar) made their debut with ‘We Are All Mad Here’, the band’s first LP.

One year later the duo entered the studio at the Ranch Production House in Southampton to record the new Ep called ‘I Tried To Run Away From Here’ and due to be released on March 29th via Tanzan Music.

‘Dance Floor’ is the first single of the new Six Impossible Things record; it’s a song that talks about something missing, a constant search for something you can’t reach.

Recorded by Neil Kennedy (Boston Manor, Creeper), and mastered by Dan Coutant (TWIABP, Gnarwolves), the song has a typical British sound characterized by big reverbs and clean electric guitars that give the track a clear Dream Pop direction.

The official motion picture for Dance Floor is a quite abstract video, but with some clear references to the song’s lyrics. The whole creative idea was born by the mind of Martin Wisniewska (Gingerdope), who has already worked with Casey and At The Drive In. Filmed last summer while the band was recording his forthcoming EP , the video highlights Six Impossible Things members in the Hampshire countryside surrounded by a oneiric atmosphere, that reminds the dreamy vibes you can hear on the song.

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