• Format: Digital/CD
    • Type: Album
    • Style: AOR / Hard Rock
    • Release Date: 02/05/2024
    • Catalogue: TM24C004

There aren’t many bands in the Czech Republic that dedicate themselves to the music genre AOR (“Adult Oriented Rock”). And if we add to that the cooperation with the best of the foreign melodic rock scene and foreign production, we get one name – BLACK TIGER. Not only for AOR’s unconventional country of origin, but mainly for music based on strong melodies and successful gigs outside the homeland (e.g., a European tour with the bands DeVICIOUS and NIGHT LASER, gigs with HARDLINE, or a performance at the prestigious H.E.A.T. festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany) are the reasons why the band, during its existence, has carved out a solid place in the European melodic rock scene and gained a large fan base worldwide.

An important milestone in the career of BLACK TIGER was the meeting with renowned Italian guitarist, singer, and producer Mario Percudani (HUNGRYHEART, ex-HARDLINE, Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, AXE, etc.). He produced the band’s self-titled debut album in 2018, which received positive reviews in many prestigious magazines, e.g., in “Rock Hard” (Germany), “Powerplay” (UK), “Fireworks” (UK), Passion Rock (France), etc.

The collaboration with Mario Percudani continued in the following years, and the band, together with him as producer and co-author of music and lyrics, embarked on the preparation of the second album called “ALIVE.” Work on the new record lasted (with a COVID break) for almost four years, and about 30 new, original compositions were created for it. In the end, 12 of them will appear on the sophomore album, which was recorded at the Tanzan Music studio (Ospedalleto Lodigiano, Italy).

Compared to the debut, the new record “ALIVE” is much more varied musically and lyrically. It does not strictly adhere to the formula of classic AOR but also draws from related musical genres, such as melodic or classic hard rock, and an attentive listener will also hear elements of West Coast or modern country rock. That is, everything that, according to the band and its producer, an original AOR should have. In addition to the genre “pure” AOR songs such as “Invisible” (a duet with Mario Percudani), “Just Believe It,” “Fire In The Sky,” or “This Broken Road” (a duet with David Reece), the band is not afraid to experiment (for example, funk in “Breaking The Silence”) or to harden in “I’m Alive,” to return to a calmer atmosphere in “In The Long Run,” the ballad “Heartbreak Waterfall” (with the talented Italian singer Clementine Nantista as a guest), or the final acoustic track “What If.” The album as a whole brings a wide palette of shades of AOR and at the same time a real load of strong and unmistakable melodies, so typical of BLACK TIGER. It is certainly an unmissable musical act (not only by Czech rock standards).

The album features a number of interesting guest artists, in addition to the already mentioned Mario Percudani and David Reece, known for his work in ACCEPT (but also with BONFIRE or BANGALORE CHOIR), as well as Dan Reed from DAN REED NETWORK, Michael Bormann (JADED HEART), Alessandro Del Vecchio (EDGE OF FOREVER, HARDLINE, etc.), or Giulio Garghentini. The album cover is also worth mentioning. This work was created for the band by Dan Reed, frontman of the funk rock legend DAN REED NETWORK.

The release of the record will be accompanied by a video for the single “I’m Alive,” which was filmed in Italy and directed by a pair of young artists, Nicole Fodritto and Lorenzo Di Girolamo.

The new album of BLACK TIGER – “ALIVE” will be released on May 2, 2024, for worldwide distribution on the Italian label Tanzan Music.

BLACK TIGER: Jan Trbusek (lead vocals), Radim Streck (guitars, keyboards), Lubos Ferbas (bass), Petr Konecny (drums).

Line Up

Jan Trbusek (lead vocals),
Radim Streck (guitars, keyboards),
Lubos Ferbas (bass),
Petr Konecny (drums).

Record Info

All songs written by Jan Trbusek, Radim Streck, Mario Percudani,
except #1 written by Radim Streck, #13 written by Jan Trbusek, Mario Percudani.
Produced by Mario Percudani, Recorded at Tanzan Music Studio, Italy
Mixed by Daniele Mandelli and Mario Percudani
Mastered by Daniele Mandelli
Publishing: Tanzan Music Ed. Musicali s.r.l. (SUISA, Switzerland)

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