Acoustic Curtain is a musical project born from the idea of the versatile singer and songwriter Roberto Quassolo, eager to breathe new life into some songs that have significantly marked his nearly twenty-year artistic journey with the symphonic metal band Dark Horizon. The project involves presenting these tracks in a fresh, intimate, and spontaneous unplugged version.

The result is a 10-track  album enriched by the collaboration with guitarist Mario Percudani (Hardline, Hungryheart), who also serves as the producer.

The album aims to open up evocative scenarios and atmospheres, creating an engaging acoustic experience by leveraging expressiveness and emotionality, qualities always present in the productions of both artists.

The tracklist explores different eras of Quassolo’s compositions with Dark Horizon. It includes songs such as “Master of the Bright Sea” and “Victim of Changes” from Dark Light Shades (2004)“Empty Mirror” and “The Age of Light” from Angel Secret Masquerade (2011), as well as “Back to the Real” and “Future World” from the more recent Aenigma (2018).

The album is digitally released by Tanzan Music Records, while a CD version will be printed and released by Underground Symphony.

Tracklist of the album:

01. Back to the Real

02. Empty Mirror

03. Master of the Bright Sea

04. Future World

05. Sea Sirens Voices

06. Flying in the Wind

07. The Age of Light

08. Liar

09. Victim of Changes

10. Time is a Healer