After 5 long years of wait, the Italian hard rock band Soul Seller is back.

Twenty years of career, two albums released worldwide, “Matter of Faith” and “Back to Life” both produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Sunstorm, Fergie Frederiksen, Mr.Big and more), and hot shows supporting Europe, Masterplan, Bonfire, Harem Scarem, Vega and Boulevard, the band is ready for the studio debut of the new line up, born in 2019, introducing Dale Sanders on guitars, Stefania Sarre on bass and Alex “Wallino” Rimoldi on keyboards.

The new line-up is eager to introduce the new song Diamonds Rain to the fans. Just a small snippet of the new album that should see the light by the end of 2022.

The song brings the band into a new dimension, where the melodic rock signature sound intertwines with classic hard rock and bluesy shades, giving life to a heavy and catchy mid-tempo.

Watch the video:

Produced by Dave Zublena and Dale Sanders with all the band and co-produced by Mario Percudani (Hardline, Hungryheart), the song is now available on all digital platforms at this link.

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