New Day (CD)


Artist: Mario Percudani
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Pop / Acoustic
    • Release Date: 30/04/2010
    • Catalogue: BL149865

“New Day” is the first solo album of Mario Percudani.
After the work with Hungryheart and the blues band project Blueville, Mario Percudani shows his intimate world with these ten songs, proving his great personality and his artistic maturity.
By listening to “New Day” we can absorb a music which is a bridge between the best American traditional Songwriters with a Blues influence, crossed with the West Coast feeling and the European melodies, transformed through sweet and catchy timeless songs.
There’s the love and the knowledge of tradition, the intensity and the immediacy of the lyrics and there’s the on-going search for quality with no compromise; the intense and emotional voice of Mario Percudani is the key factor of this album, but we have to give particular attention to the music performances, where we can enjoy his ability as a guitarist.
“New Day” can be defined as an high-class album, intense and catchy, an album that can easily get to both the most demaning listener and the young listener.
In the Mario Pecudani’s musical vocabulary and in “New day” too we can notice a successful alchemy of styles which become a unique and personal language. An album for everybody.

Line Up

Mario Percudani: lead vocal / guitar / dobro / lap steel guitar / background vocals
Marco Tansini: guitars / electric piano / background vocals
Gianni Grecchi: bass
Angelo Roveda: drums
Gianni Satta: horn / trumpet
Elisa Paganelli: background vocals
Piero Bassini: piano on #10
Barbara Boffelli: background vocals on #01 / #03

Record Info

Produced by Marco Tansini
Recorded and mixed at Pacific Studio by Marco Tansini
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi

Additional information

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Mario Percudani


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