The Show Must Go On (CD)


Artist: Jessie Galante
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Soul Rock / Classic Rock
    • Release Date: 12/05/2017
    • Catalogue: TM17C013

The cross-continental produced CD “The Show Must Go On” takes soul rock singer Jessie Galante on new journey in honor of late husband double platinum producer Larry Swist. Beautifully orchestrated, “The Show Must Go On,” utilizes live strings pulsating throughout the track, culminating in huge Queen like choruses and featuring Jessie’s glorious vocal performance. The title track of “The Show Must Go On” is the story of singer Jessie Galante’s relationship with husband and producer Larry Swist and their story of love, life and music. The full-length, 11-track album release, “The Show Must Go On” was recorded in various cities and countries from NYC to Rome. The album embodies a universal flare of many genres, all embracing Galante’s distinctive soulful voice. Her performances shift from a soft sensual emotion, to hair-raising thunder, all at a moment’s notice. Galante’s singing career and Swist’s extensive music production history, laid the foundation that created “The Show Must Go On,” their final, but magical journey together. Swist’s “producer’s touch” encouraged Galante to focus in on her deep and protected emotions. The result is an outpouring of freedom of expression and the birth of their mutual musical love child, “The Show Must Go On”. That freedom is apparent throughout the album and it all kicks off with funk opener “Diamond In The Sky.” The infectious, guilt driven rocker “Drown” is a confession of Galante and Swist’s brief tumultuous separation. “Mamma (I Get A Little Crazy)” a tribal, grooving, power ballad exposes a hurtful twist on a Mother Daughter relationship. “Beautiful Man” is Galante’s love song and tribute to Swist revealed through the poignant lyrics “Though I’m no rainbow, I can help you stop the rain, spill your soul I’m gonna catch it all and take away your pain.” In the re-do of Elton John’s “The Border Song” singer Galante fires up her vocal cords and digs deep for an unforgettable performance of her trademark “Big Voice”! To support that voice, double platinum producer Larry Swist’s (Lou Gramm, Spyro Gyra, Chuck Mangione, Tina Turner) production is augmented by a high-profile international team of songwriters, performers, producers and mixers. NYC; Jack Daley-bassist (Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone); Rob Bailey guitarist (Anastacia, Aerosmith) and guitarist Marc Ribler (Mitch Malloy, Lee Aaron). From LA, mixing several tracks is 14 time Grammy-award winner Mick Guzauski (Daft Punk, Eric Clapton, One Direction, Michael Jackson, Madonna). Swist’s European production team includes Dutch luminary guitarist Joop Wolters; from Italy singer guitarist Roberto Sterpetti (San Remo, Benedetta Giovagnini); singer Enrico Scutti (Figure of Six) and singer, keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio (Fergie Frederiksen, Neal Schon, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes), guitarist Mario Percudani (Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Hungryheart), bassist Anna Portalupi (Hardline, Tarja Turunen) and drummer Alessandro Mori (Glenn Hughes, Ted Poley). Newly added to this release is both a sensitive and powerful orchestral version of “Nights In White Satin” Galante’s first recording since the passing of Larry Swist. Galante’s dynamic team of musicians is inspired by members of her family; (LA) film composer and orchestrator Rossano Galante (Live Free or Die Hard, The Wolverine, The Shallows, Avengers); (NYC) recording, production, producer Giuseppe Galante with performances by both and additional members of Galante’s musical family. Also included are Buffalo born longtime friends (LA) legendary bassist, Billy Sheehan (Talas, Van Halen, Mr. Big, The Winery Dogs); Buffalo, NY engineer Mike Rorick (Living Colour, John Jessel-Toto, Ani DiFranco) with Galante’s vocals produced by multi-platinum award winner Armand Petri (Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs, Denny Laine). Surrounded by the sensitivities and compassion of her family and friends, you can clearly hear Galante’s heartbreak and emotion as she cries and reaches out to the love of her life. It’s that fire of passion that gives Galante the strength to face her new journey in Larry Swists honor. The bittersweet message of “The Show Must Go On” CD is both personal and universal. It’s a love story expressively yet painfully told.

Line Up

Jessie Galante: vocals
Brian Delaney: drums
Jack Daley: bass
Rob Bailey: guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio: backing vocals
Joop Wolters: guitars
Enrico Scutti: backing vocals
Roberto Sterpetti: backing vocals
Dennis Wage: organ
Alice Floyd: backing vocals
Diane Livingston: backing vocals
Marian Shaw: backing vocals
Eleonora Penati: backing vocals
Ylenia Soprano: backing vocals
Marc Ribler: guitars
Wally ‘Gator’ Watson: drums
John Montagna: bass
Rossano Galante: percussion / harp / piano / string arrangements
Grant Geissman: string arrangements
Chris Clark: keyboards
Alessandro Mori: drums
Anna Portalupi: bass
Mario Percudani: guitars
Christopher Swist: drums
Joseph Galante: violin / cello
Charlie Galante: viola
Marcia Lehninger: violin
Kathleen Miller: flute / piccolo
Carmelo Galante: clarinet
Laura Koski: oboe / english horn
Robert Price: bassoon
Giuseppe Galante: trumpet / french horn / trombone / tuba
Armand Petri: Mellotron
Billy Sheehan: bass

Record Info

Executive producer: Larry Swist
Mastered by Riccardo Parenti, Elephant Mastering, Rome, Italy.
Except for “Nights In White Satin” mastered by Mike Rorick, Imagine Recording Studios, Buffalo, NY
Logo design by Andreas Philipp.
Artwork by Tanzan Music Graphic Design.
Photography by Larry Swist.

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Jessie Galante


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