Hungryheart (CD)


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Artist: Hungryheart
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
    • Release Date: 01/06/2008
    • Catalogue: FMHH0801

“One of the best Italian Melodic Hard Rock band ever heard in the last years” (Slamrocks)
“This album is chock-full of cool songs, super-melodic tracks!” (Rock Eyez)
“One thing is for sure: this is the best Italian AOR/MHR band since Elektradrive” (Rock Report)
“This band could definitely go places in the future” (Glory Daze)
“One of the best chapters of the Italian melodic scene in 2008” (True Metal)

The self titled debut album of Hungryheart is a must for American Hard Rock Lovers. Influenced by 80’s and 90’s bands such as Giant, Danger Danger, Bad English, Whitesnake and Bon Jovi, just to name a few, this four-piece band combines melodic vocals, harmonies and powerful guitars with a great songwriting; a mix of Hard Rock, Aor & Pop which assembles all the features of this genre and, in the meantime, creates a unique and genuine album.

Line Up

Josh Zighetti: lead and background vocals
Mario Percudani: guitars / background vocals / lead vocals on #04
Lele Meola: bass
Emilio “Pingo” Sobacchi: drums

Record Info

Produced and arranged by Hungryheart
Recorded and mixed at Elfo Studio by Daniele Mandelli & Alberto Callegari
Mastered at Elfo Studio by Alberto Callegari

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