Rusty Miles (CD)


Artist Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Blues / Rock / Classic Rock
    • Release Date: 11/05/2012
    • Catalogue: TM12C001

“Rusty Miles” takes you on a musical journey within American music and culture with its 12 tracks firmly covering Rock, Blues, Country and lot more.
The main theme of the album is the journey itself, the road that leads us to a woman’s love, the countryside enlightened by an angel and a child, the miles that still keep us far from our city, destroyed by a hurricane.
Cutting edge bottlenecks scream out the blues together with overdriven guitars that scratch the asphalt of the Interstate 95. The rusty miles are still in front of us and we feel a little mean… but we go on, track after track, and finally we reach our goal!

Line Up

Ricky Ferranti: electric & acoustic guitars / lap steel / harp / vocals / keyboards / piano / spoons
Maxx Zaccheroni: drums
Gianni Grecchi: bass

Marcello Salcuni: vocals on #03 / guitar on #03 and #09 / last guitar solo on #09
Josh Zighetti: vocals & background vocals on #02
Sherrita Duran: vocals on #05
Marco Rancati: vocals on #07
Sam Ranieri: vocals & electric guitar on #04
Mario Percudani: last guitar solo on #03
Alex Carreri: double bass on #12
Andrea Anzalone: cello on #10
Serafino Tedesi: violin solo on #12

Record Info

Recorded at Elfo Recording Studio, Tanzan Music Studio and Fuzzo Studio
Mixed by Ricky Ferranti and Daniele Mandelli
Mastering made by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio

Additional information

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Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles


CD / Digital Download


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