Hello World (CD)


Artist: Paolo Apollo Negri

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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Fusion / Jazz Rock / Funk
    • Release Date: 21/10/2014
    • Catalogue: HBR017

Paoloist | one who proscribes to the distinct audio styling of Paolo Apollo Negri: an intoxicating style of “pop fusion” putting the jazz/rock dynamic into accessible form, simultaneously challenging and groovy, that’ll earn you IQ points or let you simply chill as your life’s moment requires. “Hello World” is an inspired adventurous ring in the substantial Apollo orbit that has pulled to it fellow travelers: soulster Noel McKoy (James Taylor Quartet) and paranoiac Bob Harris (Frank Zappa Band).
Paolo Apollo Negri takes his free-form approach to COBOL [HBR-014] a step further, developing his latest grooves live in the studio and reaping a band in the process. Paolo is joined by fellow collaborators Mario Percudani (guitar), Paolo Botteschi (drums), and Edoardo Giovanelli (bass) as a cohesive unit – the first time on an Apollo “solo” album. Where his first 3 records involved musicians from all over the world and were something of a logistical high-wire act to assemble, “Hello World” is organic and self-actualized.
With “Hello World” Hammondbeat (USA) has joined forces with Tanzan Music Group (Italy). Both labels are home to Paolo and he is a force for unity in an ever shrinking world.

Line Up

Paolo Apollo Negri: kayboards
Mario Percudani: guitar
Paolo Botteschi: drums
Edoardo Giovanelli: bass

Bob Harris: vocals on #05
Noel McKoy: vocals on #02
Cloud DJ Danko: scratch on #02

Record Info

Produced by Paolo Apollo Negri, Mario Percudani and Kahlil Breithaupt
Recorded by Mario Percudani at Tanzan Music Studio
Mixed by Paolo Apollo Negri at Tonewheelcavern MKIII
Mastered by Max Paparella at Groove Sound Design

Additional information

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Paolo Apollo Negri


CD / Digital Download


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