The Great Anything (Deluxe Edition) (CD)


Artist: Paolo Apollo Negri
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Funk / Fusion / Acid Jazz
    • Release Date: 27/03/2017
    • Catalogue: TM17C011

The Great Anything comes hot on the heels of Fat Lip and Paolo Apollo Negri’s SxSW Odyssey. It’s the blistering raw power of Apollo and our collective soul lain to waste with the seventies fueled soundtrack of his heart and mind. The place where The Blues, rock and funk exploded into a glorious fireball of peace and unity, and for a generation wiped out the vapid excuses for racism, violence, and greed… a place where love never sounded and tasted so good. Organ-driven, soul-drenched The Great Anything is that place again, as if we never left it… a place that we desire to be… a place we need to be… a place we were born to be.

The new Deluxe Edition (digital download only) features an exclusive bonus track, the single version of “Paparazzi”, originally published on limited edition 45 by Hammondbeat back in 2009.

Line Up

Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards
Corrina Greyson: vocals on #01
Teresa Reeves-Gilmer: vocals on #02 and #07
Cleve “Reverend Chunky” Freckleton: vocals on #04
Marco Tansini: guitar on #04, #06 and #09
Buck McKinney: guitar on #02, #03 and #08
Lucio Calegari: guitar on #01, #05, #07 and #10
Clive Jones: flute on #09
Gino De Angelis: bass on #04, #05 and #06
Edoardo Giovanelli: bass on #01, #02, #03, #07, #08 and #09
Hellfire Horns:
Erik Telford: trumpet on #04, #06 and #10
Tom Hays: trombone on #04
Ralo Vallejo: trombone on #06
Marcus Cardwell: saxophone on #04 and #06

Record Info

All songs written and arranged by Paolo Apollo Negri except #04 by Ann Peebles
Lyrics on #01 by Corrina Greyson, lyrics on #02, #07 and #11 by Teresa Reeves-Gilmer
Recorded and mixed at Tonewheel Cavern in 2009
Additional recording at Elfo Recording Studio by Alberto Callegari and Mofo Studio by Marco Gandolfi
Additional mixing at Pacific Studio by Marco Tansini
Mastered at Elfo Recording Studio, mastering supervision by Alberto Callegari
Front cover concept and design by Bryn Barklam
Artwork by Fabio Conti
Produced by Paolo Apollo Negri and Kahlil Breithaupt

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Paolo Apollo Negri


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