Fast Girls & Sexy Cars (Deluxe Edition)

Artist  The Link Quartet

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    • Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hammond Beat / Funk / Rock
    • Release Date: 20/02/2017
    • Catalogue: TM17C006

Deluxe edition of the first single by the new born Link Quartet. Originally released on 45 by Hammondbeat Records back in 2009, this single was the result of the first studio session with the new line-up of the band featuring Alberto Maffi on drums and Marco Murtas on guitar. The new deluxe and digitally remastered edition features the bonus alternate version of “Drummore” and the orginal unreleased artwork.

Line Up

Paolo Apollo Negri: Hammond organ & synthesizers
Renzo Bassi: bass
Marco Murtas: guitar
Alberto Pato Maffi: drums

Record Info

Recorded at Elfo Recording Studio in 2009. Mixed and mastered by Paolo Negri at Tonewheel Cavern.

All songs written by Paolo Negri and arranged by The Link Quartet

Additional information


The Link Quartet


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