Hotel Constellation (Deluxe Edition) (CD)


Artist: The Link Quartet & Miss Modus
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Funk Rock / Jazz Rock / Concept
    • Release Date: 13/03/2017
    • Catalogue: TM17C010

Hotel Constellation is our epic future world illustrated by driving Italian power pop grooves of The Link Quartet and written with the pen of the self-actualized voice: Miss Modus. The Link Quartet has been the backbone of the Hammondbeat family since 2002 and remains their key evolutionary partner with every breathless step. Hotel Constellation is their fifth full length collaboration, but the second with the current line-up of founding member Renzo Bassi (bass), songwriter/producer Paolo Negri (organ/synths), and beginning with ”4” (2011): Marco Murtas (guitar) and Alberto Mafi (drums). The ”old” Link Quartet took the world around them and found a way to reinterpret that into something fresh yet somewhat nostalgic for that lost 60/70’s groove (a kind of Acid Jazz: The Next Generation). The ”new” Link Quartet creates new worlds out of the essence of time and experience and invites the listener to explore and incorporate the resulting aura. Miss Modus (aka Sarah Kennedy) first crossed our path with Sounds From The Kitten Casino (2008) and we’ve been in awe of her ever since. Hotel Constellation is the new space musical: when Earth has died and science has failed, one girl’s adventure for love begins…

The new Deluxe Edition (digital download only) features and exclusive bonus track, the classic by Spencer Davis Group “Looking Back”, recorded during the Hotel Constellation sessions and previously unreleased.

Line Up

Miss Modus: vocals
Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards
Renzo Bassi: bass
Alberto Pato Maffi: drums
Marco Majo Murtas: guitar

Ian Single: spoken words (Odin)
The Saturns: backing vocals
Stefano Bertoglio: percussion
Buck McKinney: guitar solo on track #18

Record Info

All songs & background music written by Paolo Apollo Negri
All lyrics, script and characters written by Miss Modus
Produced by The Link Quartet, Miss Modus & Kahlil Breithaupt
Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2013 at Tonewheelcavern MKII (Italy)
Additional recording at Elfo Recording Studio (Italy), Big Mouth Studio (Scotland), Tanzan Music Studio (Italy), Fat Vibration (Scotland), Mofo Studio (Italy)
Front cover and illustrations by Bryn Barklam
Graphic design by Craig Kristensen

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

The Link Quartet & Miss Modus


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