Together (CD)


Artist: Inline
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Fusion / Jazz Rock
    • Release Date: 25/03/2016
    • Catalogue: TM16C002

“Together” is the first studio album by InLine. A blend of fusion and jazz rock for the new century, recorded live in the studio to underline the incredible musical feeling that makes this band unique! The idea behind InLine’s music, a mix of genres such as soul, rock and fusion, is to make catchy and enjoyable a kind of music often said to be hard to listen. The incredible musical skillfulness of each member contributes to the creation of an organic sound where many influences melt together into something unique and new, a musical journey you can’t miss!

Line Up

Marco Preti: guitar
Giovanni Micucci: bass
Potito Macchiarella: keyboards
Marco Cassai: drums

Sara Matera: lead and backing vocals on #05
Mario Percudani: backing vocals on #05 / guitar on #09

Record Info

Produced by Mario Percudani
Executive producers: Tanzan Music / InLine
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Tanzan Music Studio (Italy) by Daniele Mandelli and Mario Percudani
Artwork by Tanzan Music Graphic Design
Pictures by Riccardo Bernardi

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