Black World (CD)


Artist: Homerun
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hard Rock / Metal
    • Release Date: 23/09/2011
    • Catalogue: FB11C706

After the great success of their debut album “Don’t stop”, the Italian band Homerun returns with a new full length called “Black world”. It’s a dark, mellow and modern hard rock stuff that fully expresses the new line up sound and personality, sometimes aggressive with a great impact and character as in “Silence’s broken”, ”No more”, “Ephemeral light” or “Black world” and other times more melodic and airy like in “Princess of time” and “As we did before”.
13 tracks straight to the target, with lyrics and melodies without compromise and always characterized by an original and unique sound right for every audience. “Black world” will be released on 23 September but we’re already talking about a perfect homerun scored by Homerun!

Line Up

Matteo Albarelli: vocals
Paolo Luoni: vocals
Valerio Castiglioni: guitars / background vocals
Andrea Ringoli: guitars
Walter Borrelli: keyboards / Hammond / backing vocals
William Battiston: drums / percussion

Record Info

Produced by Homerun
Recorded, mixed, engineered and mastered by Matteo Albarelli at Musicland Studio

Additional information

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