Believe (CD)


Artist: Giulio Garghentini
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    • Format: Cd / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hard Rock / Classic Rock
    • Release Date: 25/10/2013
    • Catalogue: TM13C003

Believe is the debut album by Giulio Garghentini, ten tracks of authentic music blending all the influences and styles of this eclectic singer and front man in one single album. The songwriting is a result of soul, passion and musical creativity. The collaboration between Giulio and Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Mitch Malloy, Axe, Issa) has resulted in an album of killer tracks covering rock, blues, funky and much more with an eye always open towards melodies, intensity and great energy. It’s hard to pick out a single representative track for this album because each song will deliver a different and vibrant feeling. Groove, style, melody, energy, emotion, melancholy,… nothing has been neglected in one of the most captivating albums you will ever hear, also in merit of the contribution of musicians like Paolo Apollo Negri (Link Quartet, Wicked Minds), Gianni Grecchi (Blueville, Rusty Miles) and Paolo Botteschi (Hungryheart) in the arrangements and in part of the songwriting. This debut album is the moment that Giulio  has been waiting for to deliver his 20 years experience on stage and endless love for music in a single and amazing album. This is a must for all music lovers and is a chance to enrich your collection with something really unique and distinguishing.

Line Up

Giulio Garghentini: lead & backing vocals
Mario Percudani: Guitars, lead vocals on #05, backing vocals on #02 / #08
Paolo Apollo Negri: keyboards
Gianni Grecchi: bass
Paolo Botteschi: drums

Record Info

Produced & Arranged by Mario Percudani
Recorded, Mixed and Masterered by Mario Percudani and Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Recording Studio

Additional information

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Giulio Garghentini


CD / Digital Download


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