Butterfly Blues (CD)


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Artist: Blueville
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Blues / Rock
    • Release Date: 08/08/2011
    • Catalogue: BM11C632

“Butterfly blues” is the result of the union of different styles and approaches inside the blues. Songs and melodies, black roots and symbolic lyrics, rock Intentions and improvisations. This special alchemy gives birth to 15 deep and gripping tracks that catch the attention both of the passionate blues lovers and of a much wider audience. This is the purpose of the band: to involve all kinds of listeners preserving the roots, the contents and the forms of this genre of music. It follows a pleasant and immediate album in which the high quality of music and recordings highlights the skills of the musicians and the overall level of performance. Moreover Blueville opens the way to many guest appearances because of the consciousness that this kind of music is primary based on the artistic interaction and exchange. The listener will find participations of female singers, gospel choirs, percussionists, horns solos as well as the ongoing dialogue between the two guitars and the Hammond organ. In ”Butterfly blues” Blueville drives us through hot blues tunes, jazz/pop oriented full of passion ballads, R&B and rock rhythms, in a mood which is rich and various and simply perfect for intense or dreamy lyrics. “Butterfly Blues” is a unique album, catchy and immediate, rich and innovative, a new voice in the future of blues music… and more than that!

Line Up

Mario Percudani: lead vocals / guitar
Marco Tansini: guitar
Paolo Apollo Negri: Hammond organ / electric piano
Gianni Grecchi: bass
Angelo Roveda: drums

Sherrita Duran: vocals on #03 / #07
Simoneblue: vocals on #06 / #10
Elisa Paganelli: vocals on #01 / #04 / #05 / #09 / #11 / #12
Martha Tansini: vocals on #15
Silvia Molinari: vocals on #04
Patty Rossi: vocals on #10 / #11
New Sisters Choir: vocals on #07
Gianni Satta: flugelhorn on #05
Massimo Damelli: percussion
Alberto Venturini: percussion

Record Info

Produced by Marco Tansini
Recorded and mixed at Pacific Studio

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