The Blueville project was born in 2006. The band starts off an intense live activity, playing his own new compositions during the shows. These songs will convoy in the first record “Butterfly blues” with the aim to create a new modern dimensions of the blues, ranging through other languages and, in the meantime, expressing the musical identities of each member.
The real peculiarity of Blueville is the combination of the professional experiences, careers and artistic histories of the 5 members of the band, merging different styles into a new and exciting sound landscape.
The crossing routes along the road of the Blues, which is both the starting point and the final destination, represent the map that marks this musical journey. We can find many musical moods living together in Blueville’s music, a multicolored view with some pop, rock, soul, gospel and jazz accents that will please almost every kind of listener.
It’s easy to notice the great care in the songwriting and in the lyrics, which are the keeper of the tradition’s language and, at the same time, they are free to look at the future, either with simplicity or with natural complexity.
The Blueville project is unique in the international music outlook, far from any standardization or remake of this style. All that and much more besides is the blues of Blueville.