• Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Rock / Hard Rock / Classic Rock
    • Release Date: 13/12/2013
    • Catalogue: TM13C005

Still hungry? Starving for more good music? Then we can serve you another speciality of ours… Super Soup Volume Two! A super fat plate you’ll be longing to taste, highly charged with butter and Blues sauce, Rock dressing and candied Soul … don’t worry about your fat, we’re sure you’ll be asking for more!

Line Up

01 – Down The Line (Giulio Garghentini – from the album “Believe”, Tanzan Music 2013)
02 – Alive Again (Nic Polimeno – from the album “The Gioconda Smile”, Tanzan Music 2013)
03 – Who (David Stockdale – from the album “Dark Riders”, Tanzan Music 2011)
04 – Over The Line (Smokey Fingers – from the album “Columbus Way”, Tanzan Music 2011)
05 – Let Me Know (Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles – from the album “Rusty Miles”, Tanzan Music 2012)
06 – Cochise (An Apple A Day feat. Ria Currie – from the album “Yes We Can”, Tanzan Music 2013)
07 – Orange (Marco Tansini – from the album “Blues Garage”, Tanzan Music 2011)
08 – Let Somebody Love You (Hungryheart – from the album “One Ticket To Paradise”, Tanzan Music 2010)
09 – Lipstick (Homerun – from the album “Black World”, Tanzan Music 2011)
10 – All Over (Mario Percudani – from the album “New Day”, Tanzan Music 2010)
11 – My Life (Dark Horizon – from the album “Angel Secret Masquerade”, Tanzan Music 2010)
12 – Turning Blue (Blueville – from the album “Butterfly Blues”, Tanzan Music 2011)


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