We Still Rock

Artist: I.F.O.R.
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    • Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Single
    • Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
    • Release Date: 14/12/2015
    • Catalogue: TM15C003

It’s not that unusual, into the past and present music scene, that artists and musicians reunite themselves together for celebrating something special, and this exactly what unexpectedly happened over the last months in the north of Italy, where some of the most appreciated names of the national melodic rock scene proudly united their forces under the moniker of “I.F.O.R” (aka Italian Forces Of Rock).
The opportunity in this case came for a moltitude of factors: tributing Melodicrock.it (the leading website in Italy for this kind of music) for its neverending and precious support to the melodic rock world, honoring the infinite love of many artists for the fascinating melodic hard-rock and AOR music, and most of all praising the fundamental support of every single fan of this amazing art, ’cause fans and supporters represent with no doubts the real and unquestionable motor of this tiny but passionate scene around the globe.
Music biz tried non-stop, along the years, to silence big drums, loud guitars and powerful vocals, and caging them in order to exile the ancient power of rock music: but I.F.O.R. symbolize the umpteenth proof that nothing, and nobody, will never be able to stop the voices and killing the dreams of all the amazing rock lovers all over the world.
“We Still Rock”, do you?

Line Up

Music: Dave Zublena / Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri / Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti
Lyrics: Gianluca Firmo / Dave Zublena / Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti
Vocals: Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri / Alessandro Del Vecchio / Josh Zighetti / Franco Campanella / Dario Grillo / Bruno Kraler / Luke Marsilio / Marco Sivo / Gianluca Firmo / Mario Percudani
Guitars: Mario Percudani / Dave Zublena / Steve De Biasi / Roberto Priori / Stefano Zeni / Nicoletta Tona
Keybords: Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri
Bass: Stefania Sarre / Anna Portalupi / Amos Monti
Drums: Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti

Record Info

Produced by Davide “Dave Rox” Barbieri & Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti
Mixed by Alessandro Del Vecchio at Ivory Tears Music Works
Mastered by Roberto Priori at Studio Priori
Cover Art by Antonella Astori
Photos by Barbara HeArt
Video By Gianluca Firmo

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