Promised Land (CD)


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Artist: Smokey Fingers
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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Southern Rock / Classic Rock
    • Release Date: 09/09/2016
    • Catalogue: TM16C004

“Promised land” is the much anticipated follow up to “Columbus Way” which was released five years ago. An album which brings to life the hopes and dreams on a larger and more realistic scale deriving from many personal experiences giving the album a more brighter and fresher sound in respect to their previous works. Many songs on the album were written from Italy to the USA based on an experience of backpacking and travelling so as to live the American reality. Once again, the band collaborated with their good friend and producer Mario Percudani, owner of the Tanzan Studio where the album was recorded. Special guests on the album include Anchise Bolchi, Paolo Apollo Negri, Marcella Casciaro e Sara Matera.
The hard work of writing and putting the songs together demonstrate what an incredibly talented band Smokey Fingers are, showing their love and sound for Southern Rock and delivering riffs and vocals that will not disappoint.

Line Up

Gianluca “Luke” Paterniti: lead & backing vocals
Diego “Blef” Dragoni: electric & acoustic guitars, banjo
Fabrizio Costa: bass
Daniele Vacchini: drums & percussions

Anchise Bolchi: pedal steel on tracks #03/#06, fiddle on track #12
Mario Percudani: 2nd guitar solo on track #09, acoustic guitar on track #12, backing vocals on tracks #03/#06
Paolo Apollo Negri: Clavinet on track #05, Hammond on track #11
Marcella Casciaro & Sara Matera: backing vocals on tracks #01/#03/#05/#06/#10

Record Info

Produced by Mario Percudani
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mario Percudani and Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Recording Studio.
Pictures: Giuseppe Peletti. Artwork: Paolo Negri (Tanzan Music Graphic Design).

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