• Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Single
    • Style: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock
    • Release Date: 19/12/2014
    • Catalogue: TM14C002

Dark Horizon & Friends are proud to present the single “Christmas Hallelujah “. Waiting for the new album “Blows”, due to be released in 2015, the hard rock/symphonic metal band releases this song with some guests on vocals, in addition to Dark Horizon frontman, Roberto “Jessie” Qaussolo. Josh Zighetti, Mario Pecudani and Giulio Garghentini sing “Christmas Hallelujah”, a perfect soundtrack for these holidays, a metal ballad full of passionate melodies and exciting arrangements in perfect Dark Horizon style.

Line Up

Roberto “Jessie” Quassolo: vocals
Daniele Mandelli: guitars
Alessandro Battini: keyboards & piano
Paolo Veluti: bass
Luca Capelli: drums

Mario Percudani, Josh Zighetti, Giulio Garghentini: lead & backing vocals
Paolo “Apollo” Negri: Hammond

Record Info

Produced by Daniele Mandelli & Mario Percudani
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio

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Dark Horizon


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