• Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Country / Blues / Instrumental
    • Release Date: 19/02/2016
    • Catalogue: TM16C001

Marco Tansini is an established Composer and Producer of great success and has made  over 50 albums for artists off all genre. “From Nowhere To Nashville” is his third instrumental solo album preceded by “American Places” e “Blues Garage”. This new album is dedicated to the American country music and together with ‘blues’ it brings out his deepest roots as an artist. The songs vary in style, from a Rock n Roll vibe, country rock to a powerful country ballad. His style, sound and compositions as a guitarist are a seal of guarantee and one will find it to be different from the traditional country music being intense and at time melancholic  but also powerful and driven. Along with the 5 piece band, his guitar will take us on the road to the places from where  this great music was born enhancing our imagination as we listen to each song. Rousing songs like Chrome Riders” or “Steam Train” alternating with “Eldorado” e “Country Monkey” finishing up with an incredible version of di “Stairway To Heaven”, “From Nowhere To Nashville” is an able which will astound you and take you on an incredible journey.

Line Up

Marco Tansini: guitar
Gianni Grecchi: bass
Paolo Apollo Negri: Hammond
Paolo Botteschi: drums
Mario Percudani: acoustic guitar
Nic Polimeno: acoustic guitar

Record Info

Produced by Marco Tansini
Recorded and mixed by Marco Tansini at Pacific Studio (Italy)
Mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Recording Studio (Italy)
Artwork by Tanzan Music Graphic Design

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Marco Tansini


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