• Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Rock
    • Release Date: 01/06/2018
    • Catalogue: TM18C004

There are years that remain forever etched in history and that nowadays clearly show us a turning point. Regarding the “history” of Melodic/Hard Rock, it’s impossible not to pinpoint an iconic year… 2008, the year in which for the first time appeared what would later be called the “New Wave of Italian Melodic Rock”! A series of artists and albums lay the foundations of what then becomes an all-Italian movement, lively, frenetic and full of talent that still amazes us and makes us dream! We can’t really talk about 2008 and in particular about artists and bands who have been the forerunners of this new Italian Melodic Rock trend without mentioning one of the most iconic albums of that year.
Simply “HungryHeart”… this is how the band led by the duo Mario Percudani (guitars and vocals) / Josh Zighetti (vocals) presented itself to the world for the first time on June 1, 2008. A heart-shaped black and white cactus on a black background! The bright shocking pink Hungryheart caption, now the band’s trademark, clearly stands out. This cover introduced the melodic rock fans of the time, reluctant until then to believe in the Italian potential in this genre, to a whirlwind of emotions and notes evoking dreams of freedom, friendship and love in the most classic USA-style melodic rock.
It’s impossible not to remember historical bands like Bon Jovi, Bad English, Whitesnake and Giant who strongly relive in Hungryheart’s notes in this debut, backed up by the passion and talent that in the following years will make Mario’s guitar style unique and Josh’s voice inimitable. I wonder if on that first day of June 2008 the band was aware of laying one of the most beautiful stones in the history of Italian and international melodic rock… I don’t think so, and indeed, I believe that they were not completely aware of their talent and of what it would mean in the years to come … but certainly History, which had seen more than these four provincial rockers, did not miss the opportunity to lay its eyes (or perhaps we should say ears) on this first Hungryheart album.
…and what about today? Today, Hungryheart are a group in top form that has found perfection even in the current lineup that sees Josh Zighetti (vocals), Mario Percudani (vocals and guitar), Paolo Botteschi (drums) and Stefano “Skool” Scola (bass). 10 years have passed since that first album and the fact of being one of the best Italian hard rock melodic bands is now a given, but I am convinced that these four “bad boys” still remain the dreamers who only wanted to make their music…

Denis Abello –

Line Up

tracks #01 – #11
Josh Zighetti: lead and backing vocals
Mario Percudani: guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on #04
Lele Meola: bass
Emilio Sobacchi: drums

tracks #12 / #13
Josh Zighetti: lead vocals
Mario Percudani: guitar, backing vocals
Stefano Scola: bass
Paolo Botteschi: drums, percussion

Record Info

Tracks #01 – #11 recorded & mixed by Daniele Mandelli and Alberto Callegari at Elfo Studio, produced and arranged by Hungryheart
Tracks #12 / #13 recorded & mixed by Daniele Mandelli and Mario Percudani at Tanzan Music Studio
Produced by Mario Percudani, executive producer: Tanzan Music
All tracks re-mastered by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio
Artwork by Tanzan Music Graphic Design

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