Recognized internationally as one of the most talented and requested guitarist of the present Melodic Rock and Aor scene, Mario Percudani merged his roots in blues and seventies rock music. With a style that ranges from Rock, Pop, Blues to Soul and American West Coast, over the years Mario has built his own musical identity by teaming up with many international artists.

Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Mario was born and grew up in a small country town in the province of Lodi (Italy) where he became interested in music at an early age, a passion that would lead him to his first live performances and to soon experiment his flair for songwriting.

It was his innate talent in songwriting that prompted him to create, together with Josh Zighetti, RaffaeleMeola and Emilio Sobacchi, the band called Hungryheart, with which he made his self-titled debut record, considered a must-have for all fans of melodic hard rock by the international specialized press and nominated “Top 10 hard rock album of 2008”. After Steve Lozzi and Paolo Botteschi joined the band, their second album for Tanzan Music, “One Ticket To Paradise” was released in 2010, in collaboration with Fastball andSony Music Distribution. As well as repeating the critical success of their first album, “One Ticket to Paradise” , confirming Hungryheart as one of the most interesting bands on the current scene.

Songs written by Mario such as “The Only One”, “River of Soul”, “Boulevard of Love” and “A Million Miles Away”, played by many international radio stations, have led the HH to undertake various European tours and to share the stage with bands and artists such as House of Lords, Quireboys, MichaelBormann and many others.

In 2010, Mario, who has always been influenced by the electric-acoustic world of the great American singer-songwriters and thanks to the collaboration with friend and well-known producer Marco Tansini, at the same time recorded his first solo album “New Day”, demonstrating his inner self in an album considered by critics to be of great artistic maturity. Another album followed in 2011 that saw Mario as a singer and guitarist: “Butterfly Blues”, the first album by Blueville,was released by Tanzan Music, which obtained great approval from the public in the Rock/Blues scene

In the meantime, there were more live performances. One of the most important moments was during the concert in Assemini in Sardinia, where together with Alessandro Del Vecchio, Anna Portalupi and Alessandro Mori, he played and shared the stage with rock legends such as Bobby Kimball and Steve Lukather (Toto), VinnyAppice (Black Sabbath, Dio) and Roger Glover (Deep Purple).

In this way, a solid working relationship began with Del Vecchio, Portalupi and Mori, after which they soon became the band for Mitch Malloy, the American artist and Melodic Rock icon.

With the Nashville singer, as well as a European tour, he played as a co-headliner in 2011 on the prestigious Firefest stage (Nottingham), together with a band and artists such as Jimi Jamison, Steve Augeri, Jeff Paris and Unruly Child. Furthermore, he was a guest on the Mitch Malloy II album together with Keith Scott (Brian Adams), Phil Collen (DefLeppard), Jeff Scott Soto, C.J. Vanston, Hugh McDonald (Bob Jovi), Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger), Randy Goodrum and played the acoustic version of the single “Carry On” for the Japanese market.

During this time, Mario recorded guitars on two successful Aor albums that were released for Avenue of Allies Records, “Shining Line” and “Lionville”, a project that had guest artists such as Bruce Gaitsch(Chicago, Richard Marx, Madonna), Robin Beck, Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Michael T. Ross (Hardline, Lita Ford), and Tommy Denander.

At the same time, as a producer, after the successful “One Ticket to Paradise”, Smokey Fingers’ debut album “Colombus Way” was released in 2011, considered by many European and American magazines as one of the best Southern Rock albums of the year.

2011 and 2012 were two intense years of teamwork: on a National level he recorded guitar on singles for Italian pop artists released by Warner Chappel and produced by Nicolò Fragile, while on an international level he played as a guest in various albums among which the French project “Chasing Violets” (featuring Michael Landau, Philip Bardowell, Paul Sabu, GöranEdman, etc…) and Paolo Apollo Negri’s highly acknowledged “Cobol”.

2012, however, was the year in which Mario, together with the inseparable Alessandro Del Vecchio and Alessandro Mori, officially became part of the Axe. Together with this historic American band, consisting of leader Bobby Barth (Blackfoot), Bob Harris (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Warren Zevon) and Gerald Berger, he played on the prestigious Sweden Rock Festival stage, an edition that saw him billed together with Motley Crue, Bad Company, Soundgarden, The Darkness, Motorhead and LynyrdSkynyrd. The DVD/CD of the Swedish concert, the first official live one in Axe’s history, has been released in 2013 for Neh Records.
Also in 2012 Mario played at the Firefest in England together with Mitch Malloy and Lionville, sharing the stage with Danger Danger, Tyketto, Gotthard and other historic bands of the melodic hard rock scene.
Among the albums recorded between 2012 and 2013 where he has been musically involved, are the new cd “Can’t Stop”by the Norwegian singer IssaOversveen and Nigel Bailey’s debut album, both produced by Alessandro del Vecchio for Frontiers records, as well as Lionville’s second album (featuringBruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin, Sven Larsson), Charming Graceand a new super project An Apple a Day, together with Paolo Apollo Negri, Craig Kristensen and Kapper Dapper, with guests from the Soul/Funk scene such as Lee Fields, Richard Roundtree, Tyra Hammond, Abdominal and many others, released for Tanzan Music.

2013 saw, amongst others, the release of the much anticipated debut album ‘Believe’ by Giulio Garghentini. Mario produced, co-wrote the entire album and plays all guitars. The album has acclaimed very enthusiastic reviews on behalf of the media. Two videos have been released and the song ‘The Words That I Haven’t Said’ on which Mario sings a duet with Giulio was selected by Classic Rock magazine for their compilation cd.

2014 has many new projects and collaborations in store.
Starting off on guitar with the live performance for the much acclaimed singer and song writer Issa Overseen at the first ever Frontiers melodic Rock Festival amongst some historic bands such as Night Ranger Winger, Tesla, Stryper, Danger Danger, John Waite, Jake E.Lee with a world wide attendance.
Hungry Hearts highly awaited 3rd album ‘Dirty Italian Job’ will be released introducing on bass the extremely talented Stefano SkoolScola.
Paolo Apollo Negri’s album “Hello World” is also amongst the new releases ”, featuring two great singers such as Bob Harris (Frank Zappa) and Noel McCoy (James Taylor Quartet), plus a new Southern Rock Blues band called Mother’s Saltis also in the making

Mario is currently working as a producer at Tanzan Music Studio and collaborating with the writing of new songs for various international and national projects, as well as running Tanzan Music Academywhich is rapidly becoming a reference point for many young and talented artists and bands.

Studio And Live Collaborations

Mitch Malloy, Bobby Kimball (Toto), Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Axe, Bobby Barth (Blackfoot), Bob Harris (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes), Noel McKoy (James Taylor Quartet), Anna Portalupi (TarjaTurunen, Hardline), Alessandro Mori (Glenn Hughes, Kee Marcello), NikMazzucconi (Ian Paice, ElladeBandini), Ria Currie, Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger), Lars Sasfund (Work of Art),Bruce Gaitsch (Chicago), Jessie Galante,Paolo Apollo Negri, Marco Tansini, Nicolò Fragile (Gotthard), Nigel Bailey, Issa Overseen, Michael T.Ross, Herry Hess (Harem Scarem), Philip Bardowell (Beach Boys), Goran Edman (Malmsteen), Michael Voss, Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart), Stefano Lionetti, Pierpaolo Zorro Monti, Tommy Denander, Jeff Scott Soto, Phil Collen (DefLeppard), Keith Howland (Chicago), PieroBassini, AnchiseBolchi, Francesco Jovino (U.D.O.), Gianni Grecchi, Luca Visigalli, Joe La Viola, Diego Corradin, Abdominal, BluRum 13, Lee Fields, Tyra Hammond, Rhiannon Giddens, Lyrics Born, Glen David Andrews, Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens, Michelle David, Kylie Auldist, Richard Roundtree.