Project Description


The story of Soul Seller begins in Turin in 1999 by an idea of the brothers Dave and Mike Zublena. The band spends the first 10 years of its activity demoing, self-producing EPs and playing live in northern Italian area trying to find the right sound and its artistic dimension.
At last, after various line-up changes, in 2010 the band signs with the German label Avenue of Allies and in October 2011 releases the official debut: “Back To Life”, produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (prominent international producer, known for his works with Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes, Fergie Frederiksen, Deen Castronovo, Roger Glover, Bobby Kimball and many others). The album, also released in Japan by Rubicon Records, obtains unanimous approval among the specialized media of the melodic rock market. The success among public and critics allows “Back To Life” to be considered one of the best debut album of year 2011. One of its songs, “Keep On Moving” (featuring a very special guest of the singer and guitarist Oliver Hartman, especially known for his work with Avantasia) is included in a compilation sold with the infamous English magazine Classic Rock on their special issue about the new generation of international melodic rock bands.
After a short tour in northern Italy, the band takes a pause from live concerts to concentrate on “Back to Life”’s follow-up. During this period of live inactivity, the band goes through some others changes in the line-up leading to an unexpected extension of the work for the second album. Finally, on January 2015 the band with a brand new line-up enters the studio again guided by Alessandro Del Vecchio. Soul Seller sign with the Italian label Tanzan Music and get ready for the release of their new album “Matter of Faith” on September 19th, 2016.