Handle With Care

Artist: Dale Sanders

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Dale is a dreamy small city boy, born in Italy, class of 1981. His deep love affair with rock music started when he was only 9. Spending his teens as an avid rock albums eater, at 17 he decided it was about time to have an actual role in the music scene so he picked up his first guitar and learned how to rock it playing along to his favorite records. The first bands then arrived bringing the chance to start writing original songs, developing his songwriter skills, love for deep lyrical content and building a huge live stage attitude. 18 years have then passed by playing in several bands, writing countless songs, gigging around Europe and growing either as a guitar player, a singer and songwriter. Now in 2018, with the precious help of producer extraordinaire Mario Percudani, he has the chance to fulfill his longtime dream and finally become a solo artist, presenting to the world his debut album “Handle With Care”, a romantic and sincere rock retrospective over what happened in his not-so-quite life during the last years plus his shared vision on today’s world. The first step of many to come!

Line Up

Dale Sanders: lead & backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Paolo Botteschi: drums
Edoardo Giovanelli: bass
Mario Percudani: backing vocals, programming, acoustic guitar on #1, guitar solos trade off on #2
Dario Foschetti: drums on #3/#4/#6
Stefano Scola: bass on #3/#4/#6
Josh Zighetti: backing vocals on #1/#9, co-lead vocals on #9
Paolo Apollo Negri: Hammond, piano, Wurlitzer, synthesizers on #3/#4/#5/#7/#8
Giulio Garghentini: backing vocals on #4
Nicole Fodritto: backing and co-lead vocals on #3/#5, backing vocals on #10
Alessandro Moro: sax on #8

Record Info

“Handle With Care” is a nice mix of FM driving rock, americana, blues and new country music blended together with great personal touch and delivering a good bunch of guitar driven tunes and heart-melting ballads all dressed up with those classic powerful tube tones, groove, very personal lyrics and great melodies!

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Dale Sanders


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