Formed by Dave Masoch and Paolo “Apollo” Negri, Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra are the other side of Modulo 5. Beginning with Modulo 5’s nu-jazz and cinematic core, Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra dive aggressively into vintage sound with deep funk roots, bossa-nova excursions, and an overdose of Hammond stabs, licks, chops and grooves.
The first single was released for the american label Hammondbeat in September 2007 as a limited edition 45 called “Bahia Soul” b/w “Jazz Rocker”. Two exclusives that set the foundation for this happening new project: cool vintage bossa sounds swirling with jazz, hard funk and Hammond grooves…tasty? Tasty!
Following the first seccessful single there have been a full lenght album called “Searching For A Bit Of Popularity” in 2008, a second 45 called “Danger Boogaloo” b/w “Wasabi Sauce” in 2009 (both released by Hammondbeat) and other two full lenght called “Studio Works” (2009) and “Touring The Digital Zoo” (2012), both released by Irma Records.
To celebrate the 10 years of the first studio album, Tanzan Music proudly presents the Deluxe Edition of “Searching For A Bit Of Popularity”, featuring the 4 songs relesed only on 45 as bonus remastered tracks and a brand new artwork. A collection of 15 heartbeat-skipping, soul-bending, mind-altering elixirs for the brand-new you.