HOUSTON! formed in 2006 as a hard rock act formed by four young musicians coming from different styles and stories, Niko, Gaby, Phil and Dave, respectively vocals, bass, guitar and drum. In the first year they recorded a demo called “Never alcoholized” and they started building themselves a name around the live scene in Piacenza, Italy
After a few months, the band enters the studio to record the first album “Fast in elegance” which opens the doors to the international collaboration with the US based label Sliptrick Records. We are in february 2008.
In april HOUSTON! is the opening act for the Vengeance, a famous Dutch band, and due to an extraordinary live performance, demonstrating once again their natural feel for the stage, they get in touch with Erik Prins, manager of Mam Agency, starting a new collaboration. In october, following a series of gigs in the north of Italy, the band heads for the Netherlands and Belgium for its first european tour which rises a lot of attention and reaches new fans.
Back in Italy HOUSTON! start working on the tracks for the new album “Mechanical sunshine”. When the new drummer John L.S. joins the band the music becomes more articulate and complex, the vocals become more aggressive making the perfect pair with the blistering guitar riffs.
At the end of april 2009 the band is once again on tour across Europe raising positive reactions and expanding the number of band’s fans. Most of the gigs are sold out!
After the tour the band signs with Tanzan Music for the release of the long awaited second album “Mechanical sunshine” which will be available in summer 2011.