Hungryheart was born in the late ’90s thanks to the meeting between Josh Zighetti (vocals) and Mario Percudani (guitar). The band begins its journey delivering a mix of Hard Rock and AOR covers, featuring the influences that will give life to their first work in the studio.
The first “Hungryheart” album was released in 2008 winning excellent reviews from the international press being voted as one of the ten best Hard Rock albums by the Canadian magazine “Sleazy Roxx Magazine”. Two years later, in 2010, the band releases its second album “One ticket to Paradise”, with a further change of line-up, as Paolo Botteschi becomes the new drummer. The album takes a new direction, more AOR than
the first, creating a mix of power and sweetness in the arrangements, traits which will outline the trademark of their sound. The Tour of the second album allows Hungryheart to perform in various Italian and foreign clubs (Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Greece), and to share the stage with great artists from the international rock scene like Mitch Malloy, Quireboys, Michael Bormann and House Of Lords.
After a further change of lineup, with the arrival of Stefano Scola (bass-guitar), the band releases the third album “Dirty Italian Job”( June 2015) which represents a real maturation as per songwriting and sound, making Hungryheart one of the most representative bands of the Italian melodic Hard Rock scene. The tour of the third album brings the band throughout northern Italy, performing also in Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic) and sharing the stage with a lot of international artists such as Eclipse, Ted Poley, Hardline, Dan Reed, Mike Tramp. During the tour the band also takes part in the 2017 edition of the H.E.A.T. Festival and EXPO 2015 as part of the programming offered by the Estonia pavilion.
At the same time, the band members start several collaborations with important international artists; Mario Percudani will in fact share the stage in Europe and America with Mitch Malloy, Ted Poley, Jim Peterik, David Reece (with the participation of the bassist Stefano Scola) and many others, in addition to the numerous studio collaborations.
Hungryheart is currently working on the fourth studio album and on a live surprise that will be unveiled after the summer of 2018.