“We Are All Mad here” is Six Impossible Things’ debut full-length album released on April 7th via Tanzan Music Records and produced by Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Smokey Fingers).

The acoustic Emo duo’s debut features 11 new songs, all maintaining the same simple structures they had when they were written. The sound is pushed through strings and pianos arrangements, electric guitars, drums, and west coast sounding harmonies. The album switches between acoustic atmospheres and properly punk rock moments without abandoning the constant dreamy lyrics that characterizes this work.

Fans of “This Wild Life”, “Deaf Havana”and “Paramore” are gonna love this.


01 I Don’t Know
02 Our Own World
03 Why The World Has Gone Mad?
04 The Right Way
05 Memory
06 Nightmare
07 Smiles
08 Words
09 Miss You
10 Hopeless
11 Children Forever

Six Impossible Things have released 2 singles from the album, the acoustic Emo and Folk “Memory” and the pop punk anthem “Why the world has gone mad?”