Alternative Metal Band from Bergamo born in 2015 out of the union of four musicians coming from different musical realities. In 2016 their first single “Haze” was published through Vevo. Two years later, they complete their debut Album “Hold Sway Over” which will be released through Freemood, record label of Tanzan Music group in the first months of 2019, along with the omonymus single. The album was recorded and mixed by Francesco Benelli and accounts the participation, among others, of Michele Luppi, keyboard player for Whitesnake. Noiskin took part to some well known festivals in northern Italy such as Rockin Park, Clamore festival and Emergenza Festival.

Line Up

Luca Taverna: vocals / rhythm guitar
Marco Depriori: lead guitar / backing vocals
Simone Tarenghi: bass
Federico Bombardieri: drums

Record Info

“You always have to choose / and keep the balance”. Hold Sway Over is a Concept Album: starting from “Noise” and until the last track it deals with the theme of choices. The titletrack introduces to the subject and “Haze” already throws you into those situations wich are influenced by the choices we make. With a particular focus on the feelings created by these decisions, be they well identified like those “As I lay Dying” outline or less direct like the ones “Entropy” suggests, the full-length draws a picture with multiple overtones. You are invited to watch them carefully and to choose the ones that mean the most to you.

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