I Tried To Run Away From Here (CD)


Artist Six Impossible Things

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    • Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: EP
    • Style: Dream Pop / Slowcore
    • Release Date: 29/03/2019
    • Catalogue: TM19C001

I Tried To Run Away From Here… but I still care too much about that window.
The new Six Impossible Things EP is mainly written by Lorenzo (guitars/vocals) in his bedroom in his parents’ house. The heartfelt, yearning lyrics exude vulnerability and every song tells a story. The duo flew all the way over to the UK to dive into the recording of these five songs with Neil Kennedy (Boston Manor, Creeper) at The Ranch Production House in Southampton. The sound is characterized by clean guitars and big reverbs that give the record a clear Dream Pop direction.

Line Up

Nicole Fodritto: vocals, keys
Lorenzo Di Girolamo: vocals, guitars

Paco: percussions on # 04

Record Info

Produced by Mario Percudani.
Recorded by Neil Kennedy, Daly George and Kurt Fagan at The Ranch Production House.
Additional recordings at Tanzan Music Studio.
Mixed by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio.
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio.
Cover photo by Glenn Harvey, studio photos by Martin Wisniewska.
Artwork by Riccardo Ibatici.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

Six Impossible Things


CD / Digital Download


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