• Format: Cassette / Digital
    • Type: EP
    • Style: Dream Pop
    • Release Date: 05/02/2020
    • Catalogue: TM20C007
Lorenzo Di Girolamo about this Ep: “I think the EP can be summed up with lyrics from the opening track: ‘depression gets the best of me almost every night’. These words are, for me, really representative of the period of time during which this record was written, the fear and the confusion we felt in those moments, our dreams and our visions, as well as our delusions. Every song is essentially about walking the thin line between what is real and what is in your mind and, if you listen carefully, you can do it too. It’s the obsession for things that are seemingly outside our control”.

Line Up

Nicky Fodritto – Vocals, piano and keys

Lorenzo Di Girolamo – Vocals, guitars and drums

Record Info

All songs written by Six Impossible Things.
All songs performed by Six Impossible Things except for ‘01:09’ performed by Six Impossible Things and Moonbrew.
All songs produced by Mario Percudani except for ‘01:09’ produced by Moonbrew.
Recorded by Dom Wright at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK.
Additional recordings at Tanzan Music Studio in Lodi, IT.
Mixed by Daniele Mandelli at Tanzan Music Studio in Lodi, IT.
Mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio in Cornwall, NY.
Cover photo by Martin Wisniewska.
Logo by Olli Appleyard.
Artwork by Riccardo Ibatici.

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Press contact ROW:

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Six Impossible Things


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