• Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: Hammond beat / mod / soul
    • Release Date: 28/06/2019
    • Catalogue: TM19C003

“Secret Sessions” celebrates the 25th birthday of the Link Quartet. Recorded live at Tanzan Music Studio on November 16, 17, 18 2018, it features the best tracks of the band and brings its rough live energy to the listener. From “” to “Minimal Animal” passing through “Italian Playboys”, “4”, “Fast Girls & Sexy Cars” and “Quattro Pezzi Facili”, all the classic Link Quartet repertoire revisited and played as never before!

The digital version of the album, together with some live videos shot during the sessions, are published by Tanzan Music while the LP version is published by Spinout Nuggets on a limited and numbered run of 300 copies.

Line Up

Paolo Apollo Negri: Hammond organ
Renzo Bassi: bass
Marco Murtas: guitar
Andrea Corti: drums
Silvia Molinari: vocals

Record Info

Produced by Mario Percudani, Lee Grimshaw & The Link Quartet.
Recorded live on November 16/17/18 2018 at Tanzan Music Studio by Mario Percudani.
Technical supervision by Daniele Mandelli.
Mixed and mastered at Tanzan Music Studio by Paolo Apollo Negri.
Artwork by Garden Of Earthly Delights, pictures by Serena Groppelli.
Video shooting and editing by Niccolò Arcostanzo and Riccardo Bassi.


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