• Format: Digital Download
    • Type: Single
    • Style: Pop
    • Release Date: 06/10/2021
    • Catalogue: TM21C001

Blessed is an Italian singer and songwriter based in Milan.
Born in 2005, she embodies a fresh and trendy style of pop and acousticpop genres, with also some influences coming from country music and
Italian melodic tradition.

Despite of the young age, Blessed in her songs always combine innovative charge with eternal emotions and values; love, friendship, passions,
dreams are always key ingredients for her writing and are making her capable of moving emotionally across different generations.

Her sources of inspirations are artists as Louis Tomlinson, Olivia Rodrigo, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry;
starting from these incredible performers, Blessed is developing her own style through creativity, studying and daily

She just launched her first track, titled “Losing my mind”, telling about an unhappy end of a love story; the arrangement
is mixed acoustic and electronic and it is a great example of a “crescendo”, beginning with a simple acoustic guitar and
ending into an explosion of sounds.

In addition to songwriting for other artists, Blessed is now working on her second single track and on a brand new album
for next year.

Line Up

Blessed: singer / songwriter

Record Info

Written by Benedetta Cornalba, Mario Percudani.
Produced by Mario Percudani.
Remix Version produced by Dj Beppe Campi.

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