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THE LINK QUARTET | 4 (Deluxe Edition)


4 (Deluxe Edition)

Catalog no.: TM17C005
Release date: 13/02/2017
Format: album
Genre: Funk / Rock

  • Believe Digital

Available on: Digital download

Deluxe edition of The Link Quartet "4" album, originally released by Hammondbeat Records in 2011. This new edition features two exlusive bonus live tracks (previously unreleased) and has been digitally remastered.
From the original liner notes: “4” is the culmination of everything Paolo have produced in the last few years, from vintage soul to their own unique brand of funk-jazz-rock, but squeezed into the raw, hyperactive, live-band genius of The Link Quartet.  This is modern power-pop combined with R&B rock sensibility that separates “written songs” from “incomprehensible noise”.
With Paolo taking over the band from retired founders Link Cardini and Tony Face he recruited Majo Murtas (guitar), Pato Maffi (drums), and Arnaldo Dodici (vocals) who’ve given not only the solid skills always central to a Link Quartet album, but also bring a fresh style necessary to stand riff-to-riff with their retro-contemporaries. French soul lyrics, hard-rock guitar energy, jazz drummer work ethic, body rumbling bass, and blistering organ riffs all come together into a socially conscious “power to the working man” party.
“4” also features guest appearances from the Austin-based Hellfire Horns and vocalist Tameca Jones from Flyjack’s “On the One” EP lay on the Texas barbecue on a few tunes, and organist Simon Rigot shows off his extensive sitar skill for contrasting eastern flavor on “Big Peach”, as well as Paolo’s own expanding arsenal of assorted electronic and percussive blends that sets a Link Quartet album that much more ahead of the rest.


01 - Vertical Floor
02 - Snake Eyes
03 - Day Tripper
04 - Drummore (Album Version)
05 - Je Rève Dans Mon Rève
06 - Mooglight Serenade
07 - Fast Girls & Sexy Cars (Album Version)
08 - Je Suis Passée
09 - Hair Of The Dog
10 - Dancing 'Round The Walnut Tree
11 - Noir Le Blanc
12 - Big Peach

Bonus Tracks

13 - Superstar (Live)
14 - Hair Of The Dog (Live)

Renzo Bassi: bass
Paolo Apollo Negri: keys, percussion & devices
Marco Murtas: guitar
Alberto Pato Maffi: drums & percussion


Tameca Jones - vocals on #3
Arnaldo Dodici - vocals on #5 #8 #11

Hellfire Horns:
Erik Telford - trumpet
Marcus Cardwell - saxophone
Tom Hays - trombone

Simon Rigot - sitar on #12

All songs written by Paolo Negri and arranged by The Link Quartet except track 3 by John Lennon / Paul McCartney, track 8 by Mickey Newbury and track 13 by Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice
Lyrics on tracks 5 / 8 / 11 by Claudia Manimi

Recorded in 2010 at Elfo Recording Studio
Mixed and mastered at Tonewheel Cavern
Artwork concept and design by Craig Kristensen
Final artwork composition by Silvia Ferri

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