David Stockdale was born in Santa Barbara, California, but raised in West Lafayette, Indiana, between Indianapolis and Chicago. His father was a drama teacher at Purdue University and director of theatre, his mother an actress who retired early to raise five children. David grew up in the theatre and, since his father also directed musicals, was exposed to all kinds of music from an early age.
A citizen of the world, Stockdale has travelled a lot since his first trip to England at the age of 14. He has lived in many places and the culture and understanding he has accumulated through travelling, as well as by teaching, has greatly influenced his music and lyrics.
Inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell (“the complete artist”), John Hiatt (“the power of honesty and simplicity”), Dave Matthews (“the rhythm”), Tom Waits (“the theatre element”), Crosby Stills Nash & Young (“the harmony”) and Tom Petty (“John Frusciante talks about Hendrix but Petty also left his mark”), David’s music creates a strong groove with pleasant melodies.
Stockdale has also written lyrics for other singing artists and music for films, his second love (he wrote and directed a film in Italy back in the 80’s). As solo artist, he has made three albums to date: Light Touch (2001), Grace Canyon (2005) and Feed the Illusion (2008). Dark Riders is scheduled to be released in September, 2011.