• Format: CD / Digital Download
    • Type: Album
    • Style: AOR / Melodic rock / country
    • Release Date: 12/02/2021
    • Catalogue: FMP20C019

After three years of composition and musical ideas selection, Italian musician Alberto Sonzogni crafted ten songs for his debut album
‘September Man’, set to be released on February 12th 2021. ‘September Man’ sound has been highly driven by Sonzogni’s listenings of artists like Toto, Joe Bonamassa, Eagles and many more. The result is a unique blend of melodic rock and aor, influenced by country and blues on some tracks, that the album offers to the listeners.
The title September Man refers to Alberto’s life, he’s born on September 20th and lives in road XX September in his city of Bergamo, Italy. September is also the end of summer, a melancholic month that carries moments of reflection with it.
Introspection is the main theme on the album’s lyrics, written by singer Gessica Pirola. On the entire record there’s a continue research for awareness, about love, human fear and today world’s problems.
Sonzogni recorded the album with his band that features Gessica Pirola – vocals; Daniele Finazzi – guitars; Nicola
Gullotto – Bass; Stefano Guidi; Drums. Besides the main band various special guests appear on September Man (see

Line Up

Alberto Sonzogni: lead and backing vocals, keyboards, theremin and steel guitar
Gessica Pirola: lead and backing vocals
Daniele Finazzi: electric, acoustic guitars and talk box
Nicolò Gullotto: bass
Stefano Guidi: drums

Carmen Giammona: lead and backing vocals – Track 2
Alessandro Stucchi: lead and backing vocals – Tracks 1, 4
Simone Pirola: lead vocal and electric guitars – Track 6
Dale Sanders: lead guitar – Track 4
Pasquale Brolis: alto saxophone – Track 9
Andrea Delsignore: backing vocals – Tracks 1, 4
Crowd on Tracks 2, 7: Sergio Cattaneo, Andrea Delsignore, Il Bepi,

Record Info

All songs written by Alberto Sonzogni and Gessica Pirola except track 2 by Alberto
Sonzogni, Alessandra Livraghi & Gessica Pirola, track 5 by Alberto Sonzogni & Simone

Simone Pirola, Alberto Sonzogni and Alessandro Stucchi
Drums and Bass recorded at Tnt recording lab 2.0 – January 2020
Dale Sanders and Simone Pirola’s electric guitars, Daniele Finazzi’s acoustic guitars
recorded at Tnt recording lab 2.0 – June 2020
Engineered by Tommy Dell’Olio

Vocals, keyboards and Daniele Finazzi’s electric guitars
recorded at Sonzo Studio – from March to July 2020
Engineered by Alberto Sonzogni
Mixed at Tnt recording lab 2.0 – August 2020
Engineered by Tommy Dell’Olio, assisted by Alberto Sonzogni
Mastered at La Maestà by Giovanni Versari – November 2020

Produced by Alberto Sonzogni

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Alberto Sonzogni


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